Who am I?

Hi, my name is Alessia and this is my story with pottery. It all began by chance, in a moment of my life when I felt lost. At that time I was looking for something that could teach me how to change my pragmatic approach when confronted with my own thoughts or the obstacles life put me through. It was really delirious at the time: every day there were tens of things to do and think about, and, consequently, I reached a break point. That was the time I decided to slow down.

I wanted to do something just for me, to create from scratch - hoping one day I could reach the point when I could say "This is mine. I was able to do it after all". For this reason, I created Materica.

    My philosophy

    Be in constant touch with clay has taught me to be patient and find the right balance in my life. In my opinion, clay art is a metaphor of life: the path ahead is long, but by doing one step at a time everything begins to take its own shape.

    My workshop

    My small studio is the old laundry room of my house. Though it was a small place, I was able to reshaped it a dimension where I feel accepted as myself, where everything has an order and a meaning.


    I received your mugs...They are gorgeous!!! I love them and the shades are beautiful.

    Eliana M., Italy

    Your mugs are beautiful, I love them! I'm sure I'm going to buy more of them in the future. I'm super happy of my purchase.

    Alessandra M., Italy

    Pure uniqueness. Each of your products stands out in its own way. The colours are beautiful and the shapes so elegant...After the tray I bought, I'm already ready to choose another one of your masterpieces!

    Francesca M., Italy